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which had been growing, almost unawares, within him for
the past several hours engrossed him completely. He was
simply tired, he told himself. He tried to force himself
into his accustomed state of mind, fixing his attention upon
the obligations of the next day, He had to see witnesses all
morning to get ready for Bunk Trevelyan's trial; and tick-
ing their names of in his mind and trying to remember
what he knew about them, he was suddenly struck by the
thought that he might be, after all, deceived, that Bunk.
Trevelyan might be guilty, and that he himself was a fool to
put his energies into such a case when he'd never get a
penny of return. People would laugh at him for a sucker.
He hadn't had to take the case, the court hadn't assigned
him to it. The Trevelyan woman had come to his office
with her tale, and he was a sucker.

The singing in the street seemed to be louder than ever.
He tried to ignore the disturbance; then he recognized the
tune, which began to run in his own head. They were sing-
ing something to the tune of " John Brown's Body." They
were singing, over and over again as they marched up and
down the street, that they were going to hang tobacco buyers
to a sour apple tree. He supposed that tobacco buyers, who
usually ganged around the lobby of the hotel and the saloons,
would be pretty scarce tonight. They'd be under cover. Not
that anybody would bother them, but they wouldn't feel
exactly popular. The singing moved off down the street to
the south.

He turned on his right side and tried to compose himself.
Then, as he struck an habitual posture, with his right arm
stretched out and his Joiee raised a little, he knew that the
present unrest was not due to the excitement of the day or
doubt about Bunk Trevelyan or the noise in the street, but to
the fact that he was alone. Last night, and most nights for
3ver a year now, he had had May beside him. If she were
icre now, as she had been here in this very bed, her head
vould be on his outflung right arm. He had not known
vhat was the matter with him, that he was missing May,